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Automated booking is here!

You can now book sessions TOTALLY ONLINE in an automated portal. Select a time slot, sign your session contract, and pay all in ONE spot. No more back-and-forth emails or messages to solidify session booking! 🥳

I'm juuuuust dipping my toes in and starting off with booking Fall Mini Sessions through this platform (I'm calling this Phase 1 of automated booking). will automatically redirect you to the portal where you can view my open slots for fall mini sessions. Or, just click here!

You can use the coupon code EARLY10 before October 1 for $10 off the session, plus 15% off of any order in my online store, plus 15% off of any future full-length session!


Stay tuned for Phase 2 where you'll be able to view all of my session offerings, packages and availability, and book all of it in a fully automated process!

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