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What's the WHY behind Micaela Path Photography?

It's nice to meet you! :) I'm--as you guessed--Micaela Path.

I'm the photo-taking, coordinating, posing, marketing, and bookkeeping extraordinaire. If we're lucky, during our session you'll also get to meet my wife Alicia, who is a powerhouse of a hype woman with incredible taste and vision!

I started Micaela Path Photography because I believe that a professional portrait is the most precious gift that can be given. Portraits are a tangible reflection of your love (platonic or romantic), of your bond, and of a period or event in your life.

But despite the priceless value of a photo, I've talked to so many families that have never gotten professional photos taken, or haven't done so in many years.

The thing is, a professional photo session can be pretty dang intimidating. -"I hate getting my picture taken." -"Coordinating a session date and time sounds exhausting." -"What if this photographer doesn't accept my identity and who I am?" -"What if I mess it up and I look like a sack of old onions?" (OK, I haven't heard that one yet.)

I'm here to make you feel confident, look stunning, make session coordination and prep as easy as it can be, and of course give you gorgeous photos.

Why? Because everyone deserves to celebrate their family and their love. Everyone deserves to have the most precious gift--a tangible documentation of this period of your life and who you share it with.

I am here with WARMTH. I am here with FRIENDLINESS. I am here with ACCEPTANCE and JOY. I am here to CELEBRATE YOU just as you are. ---.---.---.---.--- Email:

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